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Sigh. This is exactly why I am feeling so bored, boring, and as if I am the most uninteresting person on earth these last few weeks. I am really feeling the need to step away from the internet these days.

Talya Tate Boerner

I was feeling the same way! I spent the entire weekend outside in the sunshine and garden and I feel so much better…Not only that, I've taken a good hard look at this whole blogging thing. Many, many of the things you said at AWBU have stuck with me and helped me. I'm getting back to what I love about blogging and that's the writing part of it. Not trying to do what someone else is doing. Thanks!


It's so easy to start thinking everyone's life is exactly how it looks in their Instagram feed. But then I remember how many images I capture that aren't good enough, and I remind myself that I'm not the only one. :)


Why Pinterest is dangerous!


Ladies, we KNOW better. We just need to remind one another! Dive deep into your own life, that is where the gold is! Oh, and remind me when I start sulking!


Wow - this so resonates with what I have been experiencing lately. I feel like I am on a habitrail, so bored with my hum drum life . Doing the same things everyday. I also feel more anxious lately, as if I have to finish everything sooner rather than later.

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