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Strange Attractor

Thanks for the suggestions. I have been distaught over the pending loss of my beloved Reeder.


I shared your post with a friend on Facebook. She and her friends were wondering about alternatives and I didn't know about Pulse and Taptu. Thanks for the info.

I currently use Bloglovin' but don't like to use it from my Blacberry so I may be checking out one of the other readers.

Also-there's Bloglines as well. I used it a long time ago and it was easy to use.

Naomi King

I'm moving over to Feedly...easy transition.


Thanks for this. It worries me that Google may discontinue Chrome or Gmail.


No, because they crawl through email to boost their information for Google Search - I would be surprised if mail disappeared. They are also now in the phone field and they need Chrome to run on mobile so that is safe too. - Things just change.


Feedly is running REALLY slow on my connection - wondering if it will be the answer for me. - J


I just saw someone complaining about Bloglines - I am thinking that Blog Lovin isnt for me either...I just dont like the interface.

To be honest, I liked the PC, chunky interface of Google Reader - it was straight forward and fast loading. I really want something similar. I have over 1000 blogs to load and everything else wants to be a magazine. The perfect solution is out there - I know it! - Jackie


I am currently loving Feedly. I like being able to play with all of the display options, and sorting the feeds into categories. I poked at Bloglovin' and Pulse, and wasn't really impressed with either one. I am hoping that Feedly doesn't suddenly start doing weird things on me, as I hate floundering around looking for the right fit in apps and such.


What about FeedBurner? :(

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